Who we are

We are an innovative culture change, engagement and leadership consultancy. And within the field of culture change we play in a very specific space: we help influence and change the attitudes, mindsets and behaviours of people in large organisations to dramatically accelerate the pace of change and drive performance. It’s one of the hardest parts of change to achieve, and the most common reason for failure when change fails.

We do this using a unique, proven methodology using the power and influence of story and storytelling to unite people behind a shared purpose, creating both a rational and emotional connection to their business and the journey it’s on.

We do this in a way that delivers almost instant business benefits, demonstrated by the tangible results we have achieved from working with 160 major businesses across the world.

Welcome to our world

What we do

We deliver a series of highly creative and impactful interventions, from the boardroom to the shop floor, that stimulate powerful, action-oriented change conversations across the organisation: conversations aligned to a simple, clear and emotionally-compelling strategic narrative articulating the journey the business is on.

Our programmes involve facilitated workshops and large-scale events, inspiring films, graphic design and digital media - a blend of innovative products, consultancy and stunningly creative production.

Why storytelling?

Our purpose is to move more people to do great things: to inspire them to act and behave in a way that enriches their lives and the lives of those around them both personally and at work. This purpose remains central to everything we do, and storytelling provides us with a powerful tool with which to make change happen.

Why storytelling? We use stories to make sense of the world, to tie together our experiences and perceptions. Our stories influence the way we think, feel, act and behave.

Stories give us the context we need to discover and own things for ourselves. Our own ideas are the ones we cherish most and act on.

Stories move us rationally and emotionally, and we tend to defer to our feelings when making decisions and motivating ourselves to take action.

Stories shape our identity and the identity of our groups. They help us to understand the social norms within these groups, and ‘the way we do things around here.’

The power of storytelling

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