Who we are

We are an innovative culture change consultancy. We help business leaders worldwide to execute strategy, build high-performing leadership and shape their organisational culture to realise critical strategic imperatives.

Our unique, proven methodology draws on the power and influence of storytelling to connect people both rationally and emotionally to the journey the business is on, helping them discover and own the personal contribution they can make to success, and embrace the changes they need to make.

We unite people behind a common purpose. We make change happen.

Welcome to our world

Great leaders are great storytellers

Great leaders have a clear and compelling narrative about the journey they’re on.

Great leaders inspire and engage their people in their narrative.

Great leaders are able to help others discover and realise their own story, and in doing so unleash discretionary effort and embrace change.

Great leaders are able to create ‘movements of change,’ taking the best of what their people do and inspiring others to follow their example.

What we do
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People think in stories

We use stories to make sense of the world, to tie together our experiences and perceptions. Our stories influence the way we think, feel, act and behave.

Stories give us the context we need to discover and own things for ourselves. Our own ideas are the ones we cherish most and act on.

Stories move us rationally and emotionally, and we tend to defer to our feelings when making decisions and motivating ourselves to take action.

Stories shape our identity and the identity of our groups. They help us to understand the social norms within these groups, and ‘the way we do things around here.’

The power of storytelling

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