We help accelerate the pace of change

We deliver a series of highly creative and impactful interventions, from the boardroom to the shop floor, that stimulate powerful, action-oriented change conversations across the organisation, aligned to a simple, clear and emotionally-compelling strategic narrative. Our programmes involve facilitated workshops and large-scale events, inspiring films, graphic design and digital media - a blend of innovative products, consultancy and stunningly creative production.

We start by co-creating a clear, credible and compelling strategic narrative with senior leaders that articulates the journey their business is on and provides the context for change, aligning them to the story so they are speaking with one voice. We help them understand what it takes to lead this narrative as inspiring role models who walk the talk with conviction and commitment.

We help leaders across the business inspire and engage their teams both in this journey, localising and personalising the narrative, actively engaging them in discovering and owning the personal contribution they can make, and in doing so unleashing their potential to drive change.

We help leaders create ‘movements of change,’ finding the true role-models of successful change within the organisation and harnessing the power of storytelling to inspire others to follow their example, embedding new behaviours and ways of working.

We have applied this to five broad areas of need:

Service excellence

Culture change

Operational improvement

Post-merger integration

Change transition