Adapting to a new operating model

In a world of new technologies, globalisation and shifting consumer behaviours, many businesses are being challenged to make significant and costly changes to their operating models. Streamlining, restructuring, commercial modelling – even changes in proposition – will affect ways of working and culture, which often affect large swathes of the organisation’s employee base.

We will work with you to:

• Set the change within the context of a persuasive change narrative, co-created by an aligned Executive team

• Enable leaders to co-own the narrative as their personal leadership story, relevant to their area of the business

• Enable people to connect and align it to their own change journey, identifying the personal role they can play

• Create and amplify stories that build reasons to believe in the narrative

• Enable people to feel they are part of the journey by capturing and sharing their change stories

Case study

In the 21st Century few industries have evolved as quickly as telecoms. The need for speed and agility imposes particular stresses on organisations with large numbers of employees who — if the company is to win — all need to adapt to environmental and competitive pressures simultaneously and accurately.

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