Dynamic cultures have storytelling at their heart...

What a company stands for, and how its people act on its values and behaviours, is no longer a nice-to-have. Increasingly, purpose or values-led organisations are central to customers’ buying choices. How we act and behave defines or organisational culture, and it’s critical that this culture is aligned to the organisation’s objectives. In times of transformational change, the culture must also change to enable the strategy to succeed.

We will work with you to:

• Engage and connect people to a new cultural narrative, co-created by an aligned Executive team

• Align and coach leaders to role model the cultural changes

• Equip leaders to personalise and localise the narrative to their part of the business

• Create new cultural stories that build ‘reasons to believe’

• Recognise, reinforce and ritualise people’s cultural stories

• Use the stories to engage people in new ways of working

Case study

A leading international hotelier client was on a mission to regain its position as a pre-eminent global hospitality company.

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