Emotional buy-in is critical for successful integration

Much has been written about the ‘people risk’ in realising the value of mergers and acquisitions. Frankly it’s not surprising when you consider the emotional challenge employees face in embracing a new identity and ways of working whilst maintaining business performance. Research shows that of the 78 per cent of integrations that fail, they do so because of the cultural aspects of the integration rather than processes and systems.

We will work with you to:

• Set the change within the context of a persuasive integration narrative, co-created by an aligned Executive team

• Enable leaders to co-own the narrative as their leadership story, relevant to their part of the business

• Enable people to connect it to their own integration journey

• Create and amplify stories that build reasons to believe in the narrative

• Enable people to feel they are part of the journey by creating and sharing their integration stories

Case study

A large manufacturing client had set about acquiring an even larger, rival organisation (based in 110 different sites in 21 countries) to double the size of its business as part of its growth strategy.

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