We're an innovative culture change consultancy, and pioneers of storytelling in business.

We play in a very specific space: influencing the attitudes, mindsets and behaviours of people in large organisations in order to dramatically accelerate the pace of change and drive performance. It’s one of the hardest parts of change to achieve, and the most common reasons for failure when change fails.

We've seen time and again with our clients how the power of story can align people behind a common purpose and vision. And in so doing, enabling them to align every conversation, every decision and every action they undertake to that purpose and vision. This can transform the speed at which change happens, saving significant amounts of time, money and effort.

The stories that have resulted from our work are remarkable: the declining telecoms company that's now a flourishing business; the factory employees who reduced defects by 75% in just three months; the divisions within a large financial services company who collaborated for the first time to reinvent an ailing brand; the business which, years after we stopped working with them, tells us that they still have a vibrant culture of storytelling; and the CEO of a $4bn business who states that our programme ‘is profoundly effective and has changed the history of my enterprise’.

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We’ve worked with over 160 organisations from all over the world, from almost every industry sector – complex institutions, each with a different challenge.

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